Thursday, April 25, 2013

Boracay Photo Diary!

I Love Summer!!! It's really my favorite time of the year. I love how the sun shines in a cloudless blue sky and how the moon and the stars collide at night. Ugh. So perfect. Anyways, summer is not complete if you're not gonna have that beach getaway or kahit hindi sa beach, basta maka getaway ka lang.. Duh ba? My favorite summer destination talaga is.... BORACAY!! I love the beach so much talaga na I always want my whole summer to be spent there (sana ganun ako ka rich) and the fact na yun lang ang pinaka malapit na tourist destination dito samin.  It's my 4th time to be there and gandang ganda pa rin ako talaga. As in. Ewan. WHATEVER! I went there with the teaching staff of Bailan Elementary School, where my Mom teaches, so it means, naki angkas na naman ako (as usual) pero I didn't stay with them na sa cottage nila kasi nanalo ako sa isang raffle (swear) where I get to stay in a super beautiful resort for 2 nights and 3 days. Haha No more talking na nga. Parade na ng Pictures!! 
ayan ang raffle ticket na napanalunan ko. yung isa, round trip ticket to manila, hindi ko pa na avail. wala pang moolah eh..

ito na talaga...

that's my brother, and the Lady in Red Pants is Ms. Claribel, she was the one who checked us in. :D



Alta Vista de Boaracay is located at Brgy. Yapak, Balabag, Boat Station 1. It's like10 minutes away from the beach proper. Sa taas sya ng bundok actually, and the view is breathtaking. So, if you really want a peaceful and relaxing ambiance (wow) this is really the place to be. Hindi naman ganun ka hassle pumunta ng beach kasi they have a shuttle who will bring you there, and pick you up also. :D

DAY 1 
Before we checked in, bumili muna kame ng Tea. na shake. Hihi :D (Me & Francis)

Pagpasok pa lang ng room, mirror shot agad. Haggard look!

every building nila is named after a famous mountain. katulad samin, sa Fuji kame tapos yung harap na building, everest ata, tapos yung katabi na building naman, hymettus. kayo na mag-google kung saan yan. HAHA 

GANDA! ng view..

Candid.. kunwari. :D

ME, Krisna, & Francis!

Ok. Iwas wearing doll shoes kasi I wasn't able to bring slippers with me. kasi dun pa ko nagpabili sa kuya ko. HAHA (arteh) (Ken, Me, Francis!)

This is during the Velvet Summer Luau event. Velvet,  the TV channel on cable. Hihi They had games which I joined, obviously, and I won! The concept of the game was "singing bee" like, where you have to guess the lyrics of the song. No wonder ako nanalo, encyclopedia ata ako ng mga song lyrics. HAHA ETCHOS! and it was hosted by MEgan Young and Jesse Mendiola! (FYI lang)

DAY 2!

Sunrise? Heehee

Kape kape din...

before we explore the beach, mirror shot muna.. 

Free as a bird! HIHI

Ang Laki!! HIHI

Yung flavor ng shake is Mango Strawberry surprise and na surprise rin ako sa lasa. HAHA try nyo!

We meet up with the rest of the gang and went island hopping snorkeling! 

Station 1!
Shangri-La!! I wanna try this place! It looks so beautiful from a far, ano pa kaya pag nandun ka na mismo?! Bet! 

WEST COVE! This resort have been involved in a lot of controversies because of violating The Forest Land Use Agreement for Tourism Purposes. So, the DENR dismantled some of their structures. Since, environmentalist ako, do what's right ang say ko sa issues nila. HAHA WHATEVER! 

Alligator Island! ETCHOS! Crocodile Island pala. :D

 Change Outfit! LOL

OUR TOUR GUIDE! My dearest brother, Jet!

Kagulat 'tong si Kuya! He just appeared from nowhere! HAHA Magbenta ba naman ng buko sa gitna ng dagat?!! HAHA bongga ang business! 3 for 100! :D
Love it!!
Maa-appreciate mo yung sunset pag nasa gitna ka ng dagat. Pramis! Ganda! 

We spent our second night watching fire dancing. They were so good and I love it because they dance in group!

DAY 3! 

Pag-gising pa lang pictorial na! 

Since this is our last day, wagas na ang picture taking!
Our room is located under. 

Me & Momma!



Francis! (wagas)



Long hair si Bro.!

View from our terrace..

tina-try lang.. 


Our shuttle friends! HAHA parang kame lang talaga pinoy dun. :D

Chillin' at the lobby..

Our messy room!

This is what the whole Alta Vista looks like. They have 17 buildings.When we we're there, I never really realized that the place was that big until I saw this map picture. Na amaze ako. Ang wide! ganda! HIHI
I wish I could go back there! :)

That's all! Enjoy your summer!!

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