Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Wishlist

Ho ho ho, MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year! HAHA This is like eveybody's favorite time of the year kasi more ang foods and gifts, kung swerte ka. Anyways, i'll be sharing to you my Christmas wishlist! This is the first time that i made a wishlist. I never knew before na nag-e-exist pala ang mga wishlist na yan, chos. Okay, let's start. HAHA

I always wanted to have a good camera, kasi i can take pictures well. Haha not exactly like that, just as long it can take quality pictures okay na ako dun, pero maganda talag pag-DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) talagang binigay pa ang meaning? haha WHATEVER 


The first time i laid eyes on this bag, na-inLove ako. swear. HAHA I mean, isn't it cute? diba? *puppy face* nyaha I like it not just because of the camera strap that it has but because i'm really into tote bags. HAHA  I prefer it more than the usual girly bags because it's more convenient and and washable! HAHA I really am hoping na i could have it. *wish* 


Gusto ko talaga 'to! super! HAHA I've always been a Ramon Bautista fan, he's like the smartest and funniest guy ever! (weh?) HAHA I've watched his youtube vids and his famous TFTFZ (Tales From The Friend Zone), which has the coolest advice ever. HAHA How i wish na maging available nationwide book niya, so that i can buy naman. sana. That's the reason why it is part of my wishlist because it so not available here. :(


I love watches. They can make your simple outfit look fashionable. chos. People these days wear watches not just because they're time concious but because it adds up to their fashion. I read an article saying that the production and selling of watches decreased because of the gadgets. Kasi, other people say na why wear watch when you have time on phone or your other gadgets? and, oo nga naman. Pero, what will you do to make it more sell-able again? of course, make it into trends, that's why they made watches fashionable na. yay! pero i'd still go to the classic one. They can go with anything e. EEHHH


I super like this shoes talaga. As In. Graaabe. HAHA lahat na. I really wanna have a pair of it. Sana naman may mag magandang loob diyan, pasko naman. HAHA 


Sino ba naman ayaw magkaroon nito? HAHA if you just really wanna laugh non-stop, this is all what you need to have. HAHA It's uncut edition, so the never before scenes are shown here! (malamang) kumbaga yung mga hindi pinalabas sa TV dahil masyadong ng uhmn, pinalabas dito! cool! HAHA WHATEVER!! 

That's all! I made my list more of close to reality kasi in that way, at least may hope talaga na you can have it this Christmas. If I only live in Metro I probably won't have all of these in my list kasi I think i all have it already. (taray) I mean, all these things are available lang naman in Metro eh, that's why i can't have it. WHATEVER
Since this is a wishlist, i am also wishing na someone will make one of these wishes come to life. *fingers crossed* so, can you share your wishlist too? :)