Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lost Stranger

What would you feel if one day there’s a stranger who were just walking by at your house, then decided  to live at your place with your family? Would you say yes? Would you welcome him with open hands and say “of course, you can stay here as long as you want to” (haha over) even if you just meet him outside your house and he doesn’t even look like he belong in this country and he don’t even know a single word of your language? What? (HAHA WHATEVER) but that was just what happened to Ate Mona. I’m not making this story, okay? This is so true. 

Ate Mona is a resident block away from my so called “office”. She lives with her 4 kids and her husband. One day, her kids were playing outside their house and there’s this “foreigner guy” who are walking by them and one of Ate Mona’s kids approached him like, “hey, joe” and then the foreigner guy stopped and then decided to talk to the kids. He was so fond of them and the kids were so fond of him too, that at the end of the day he asked Ate Mona if he could live with them since he is homeless and he doesn’t have any idea where  he is, only the country, and he doesn’t know where he is going. Ate Mona was hospitable enough to accept him and let him stay at their house.

I get to know this story because during the first day stay  of that foreigner guy at their place, Ate Mona went to my office and asked my help to search about this foreigner guy named “Joseph Sherman” which is his name, according to him, and later we now that it was “Yosef Amadues”.  Then we saw pictures of this guy, which according to Ate Mona was him, like, really. Then, we sent message to his listed friends but unfortunately, we get no response.

Joseph has a very sensitive trust issues. Since he decided to live at Ate Mona’a place, Ate Mona told me that he don’t wanna talk to anybody except Ate Mona’s family, and he don’t even wanna go out at their house. But one day, I was surprised that he went to my office with Ate Mona and asked my help. Waaa.

Based on the 3-hour talk that we had, I can say that he really is mentally disturbed? Like, for me hah. When he got in my office, his first approach to me was, “you’re not gonna do anything bad to me, right? Because you want me to treat you like how you wanna be treated, right?” and I was like, “of course”. Then, he told me that, “you should think twice of doing things to me, because if you’re just gonna interrogate me and do crazy stuff to me, I’d rather get a knife and cut myself than to trust you.” And at the back of my  mind, I was like, WHAT THE F! But the only words that I told him was, “trust me” and he said, “really?” and I looked at him eye to eye and said “really.” (truth yan, walang etchos). Then, we got along well, and then we saw photos of him, and told me stories behind it and we were laughing and he told me that he never paid a girl for sex, believe it or not raw. And that he was born here raw, in the Philippines, believe it or not again. And that his eyes used to be black daw before na naging brown na nagyon.What I find really disturbing is that he says lots of things, like so much, that I don’t really get and has really nothing to do with the thing that we’re doing.

He’s been living at Ate Mona’s house for than a month now. As to Ate Mona, his nice naman. He haven’t done or said things that would scare or threaten them. Ate Mona is doing everything she could to find or contact Joseph’s family but the hard thing is, Joseph just won’t tell more details about himself. He don’t trust people. We are hoping that one day Joseph will be willing enough to help himself, because Ate Mona just don’t know how long she still could keep him.

Joseph looks so different now from all those photos. He lost like half of the weight that he used to have and his hair aren’t as kapal as it used to, he's got curly hair, actually. Ate Mona is waiting now for the responses to all the government offices that she asked for help. Any help or suggestions?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blog L♥vin'

First, I just wanna say na Please don't mind my Blog Header. HAHA I still can't figure out how to make one, that was just an experiment. Beautify ko na lang next time. HIHI 
I named my blog Anything Goes because i'm gonna be blogging just anything i want to. Anything i want to share and just anything that comes to my mind. It wasn't an original statement, It used to be a section in my fav Candy magazine. Dissolved na ang section na yun, pinalitan na nila. HAHA WHATEVER. 

OKAY. Let's go now to my post, Blog Lovin'. It's not about the site, it's about the blog sites that i'm lovin'. :D puro love ang blog ko. LOLS Anyways, most of the blogs that i'm currently into are Fashion Blogs, Pero sad to say i wasn't blessed with good fashion sense. I'm just really amazed how these bloggers can dress themselves very well and just look ohh-so-stunning. 

                                                   Meet my fav Bloggers!

Uyyy ohh. Si Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy ohh. HAHA 

(sister of the country's top celebrity stylist, Liz Uy)

They are my favorite favorite (x2 talaga) fashion bloggers talaga, and they are the top 2 bloggers here in the Phils.! yay! I so love their style, the looks they can pull-off in every outfit, their personality (close?) and their giveaways! even if i haven't won ever since. HAHA I just don't know how they are related, all i know is that their blogpost are ahhhmazing! Uyyy ahh, you check their Blogs ahh. 

For Laureen Uy, 
For Kryz Uy, 

Even if Laureen and Kryz are my favorite favorite, i also have other favorites. HAHA whatever. Check 'em out ^^

Patricia Prieto

Camille Co

Lissa Kahayon

Alyssa Lapid

She's the daughter of Marjorie Barretto and the Brother of Zoren Legaspi.

Tricia Gosingtian

The sisters Verniece And Vern Enciso 

Pia Alviola
This pretty little girl is from Pontevedra too! :) Love her style <3

Nicole Andersson

Divine Lee
Ang dami kong tawa everytime i check her blog. Baklang-bakla! HAHA Divine is like the Queen of all Beckys.. HAHA pero she's not gay hah. She is a LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Ambassador. I like her because she really fights for the rights of her gay friends. I also have lots of gay friends. It also hurts me when people judge them and make them feel unacceptable. Gay's make the world HAPPY. HAHA I just love it how they can make me laugh until my stomach hurts. :)) 

 These fashion bloggers also post about events, the concert's they've been to, and the places they went to and the must have's and the must try's. HAHA  

Wait, wait, wait.. There's more.. HAHA WHATEVER If girls have great fashion sense, hindi naman papatalo ang mga BOYS. HAHA  
Robbie Becroft
I've got one word for him, HANDSOME :)

Victor Basa
(walang kinalaman dyan si Ateng katabi hah) He owns the Heart lang naman of
 Mamang Divine
ohh, diba? :p

David Guison

Wait, wait, wait, there's more Part 2! HAHA Enough of Fashion Blogs,
 lifestyle blogs naman. 

Saab Magalona!
She is the daughter of the Late Francis Magalona! yooow! 
one thing i like about her is she's also a Belieber! (Justin Bieber fan)

Bianca Gonzales
She is actually my inspiration why i made blog. chos! I love her blog posts. It's always full of sense. Very informative and very inspiring. :D 

Nikki Gil
She haven't updated her blog now kasi raw super busy siya, but ang dami ko ring tawa sa blog niya. As in. :) 

P.S. Pasensya na kayo kung konti lang ang alam kong blog. HAHA Pero really, these blogs are the best, coming from me. Go check check check. HIHI 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eiffel In Love ♥♥♥

I just wanna show you my Eiffel Tower keychain! HAHA it's one my prized possession kasi, kaya dapat ipagmalaki. LOLS.

at meron pang rainbow.. ohh diba. HAHA

Thursday, October 18, 2012


This post is about the things that i'm currently loving.

First thing is my phone! Samsung Galaxy Pocket! (promote hah) This is really the best thing that i so love right now. It's one of the cheapest android phone in the market! (and the only one i can afford right now) and when you say ANDROID, you just really couldn't ask for more. (chos!) The features, the free apps, just everything. I chose white because it looks more professional. i think so. HAHA whatever. 


This little Precious girl is so unexpected. my Tita is already 46 years old and she just can't believe that at her age, she could still bear a baby. she was so unsure of her pregnancy that she even thought of making "palaglag". But according to her Doctor, the baby can't be considered a menopausal baby because she is not  menopausing (?) yet, so she decided to do whats best. And Tadah! Prei is now 2 months old! and she is now the toy of the family. :) With our age gap, I can even consider her my own baby. HAHA she gives so much happiness to the family now. :D


 PARIS! OHHMY! Isn't that so nice to see? HAHA chos! My beloved friend Erika shared it to me. We have now the same wallpaper. :D It's our dream destination. It's like everybody's dream place to be, diba? DIBA? HAHA WHATEVER. 
I just love staring at it. So perfect. with all the lights and the busy street. hayyyy. Can't wait to be there! HAHA Don't you know that there is a restaurant on the level two of the tower? and if you are going to make a reservation at this very moment, the availability of that reservation will be two years from now.. AHHMAZING! Fully-booked whole year round. 
P.S. I have a Eiffel Tower key-chain that my cousin gave me. It's so cute and it's been with me for a year and a half now. Also love it. So much. With all my heart. HAHA 


is to drink softdrinks everyday! wahaha chos! 
I work at a Government Office! yii! Well, basically my job is to just sit in front of the computer and do whatever you want. Like, really. Everybody thinks that my job is so coooool but me, jsut sort of. HAHA but i love it, as of now. I get to be paid by just doing nothing. That's why i decided to make a blog para my sense naman pagharap ko sa computer everyday. I'm hoping that sooner i can really do like a serious job where i can really put an effort and apply my so called "learnings" :p 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Getting Started

yii!! i have my own blog now!! okay, i'm gonna start by introducing myself. I'm JHOANA MARIE BOCALA BICLAR. I've been breathing and loving life for twenty years now. I live in the beautiful province of Capiz. Country, The PHILIPPINES! (whatever). HAHA I'm so happy now that i get to publish my thoughts na. Kahit 3 readers lang! haha What's important is i get to publish it and voice it out, verbally. (what?) I'm excited to post anything and everything i'm up to. HIHI that's all for now. I'm still going to figure out what to post and how to post well. :D ciao :)