Thursday, October 18, 2012


This post is about the things that i'm currently loving.

First thing is my phone! Samsung Galaxy Pocket! (promote hah) This is really the best thing that i so love right now. It's one of the cheapest android phone in the market! (and the only one i can afford right now) and when you say ANDROID, you just really couldn't ask for more. (chos!) The features, the free apps, just everything. I chose white because it looks more professional. i think so. HAHA whatever. 


This little Precious girl is so unexpected. my Tita is already 46 years old and she just can't believe that at her age, she could still bear a baby. she was so unsure of her pregnancy that she even thought of making "palaglag". But according to her Doctor, the baby can't be considered a menopausal baby because she is not  menopausing (?) yet, so she decided to do whats best. And Tadah! Prei is now 2 months old! and she is now the toy of the family. :) With our age gap, I can even consider her my own baby. HAHA she gives so much happiness to the family now. :D


 PARIS! OHHMY! Isn't that so nice to see? HAHA chos! My beloved friend Erika shared it to me. We have now the same wallpaper. :D It's our dream destination. It's like everybody's dream place to be, diba? DIBA? HAHA WHATEVER. 
I just love staring at it. So perfect. with all the lights and the busy street. hayyyy. Can't wait to be there! HAHA Don't you know that there is a restaurant on the level two of the tower? and if you are going to make a reservation at this very moment, the availability of that reservation will be two years from now.. AHHMAZING! Fully-booked whole year round. 
P.S. I have a Eiffel Tower key-chain that my cousin gave me. It's so cute and it's been with me for a year and a half now. Also love it. So much. With all my heart. HAHA 


is to drink softdrinks everyday! wahaha chos! 
I work at a Government Office! yii! Well, basically my job is to just sit in front of the computer and do whatever you want. Like, really. Everybody thinks that my job is so coooool but me, jsut sort of. HAHA but i love it, as of now. I get to be paid by just doing nothing. That's why i decided to make a blog para my sense naman pagharap ko sa computer everyday. I'm hoping that sooner i can really do like a serious job where i can really put an effort and apply my so called "learnings" :p 

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