Friday, March 22, 2013

I lost a FRIEND

Hola! I'm back again. I haven't posted in a while coz there's just a lot of things going on, and, whatever. :p

ALBERT B. BATILARAN. He is one of my dearest gay friend. He's very funny, so good in making stories, and so tall. I really look up to him a lot because of his height. Teehee 

The morning of February 23, the first message I received, from a friend, was "JHO! PATAY NA KUNO SI ALBERT?!" and then the next message I received was, "JHO, I HEARD ON THE RADIO, ALBERT BATILARAN WAS STABBED TO DEATH LAST NIGHT!" and that was the message that really broke my heart. My face's reaction was so blank I was shaking and I'm was holding my tears, so much. I dunno why. 

He was at the public market buying barbecue when the incident happened. It was around 10-11 PM. The sources said that the guy who stabbed him was drunk and he just stabbed Albert for no reason. Albert and him knew each other. Her sister said that the guy who stabbed him used to buy cigarettes in their sari-sari store and used to hang out with his younger brother. With no apparent reason, he took away Albert's life. He took away all the dreams and good future that Albert may have, he took away a very good son and a very good brother, and he took away a friend that always make everybody laugh. 

When we went to his wake, I just can't bare looking at him lying with closed eyes and not breathing. It's so hard seeing your friend like that. I just can't stop my tears from falling. At his funeral, funny as it may seem, but every gay in our municipality are all present. Hihi everyone's just there to send Albert into his "patutunguhan". It really showed how Albert is a friend to everybody, boy, girl, gay, or even lesbian. HEHE 

It's sad to say that the killer now is nowhere to be found. He run away after the incident. Well, wherever you are, I know that you're conscience is killing you already and I hope than you  can still sleep at night. Karma's a bitch boy. Nyaha

Albert, wherever you are right now, don't worry, we are gonna give you justice. You will be at peace and the guy who took away your beautiful life will pay. We assure you. 


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